Popular myths about sunglasses

Going out on a sunny day means that you should not forget to apply the sun-protection lotion. This rule is valid also for sunglasses – first of all, they are your reliable partner against strong sunrays.

The team of Tezzero.com will help you get acquainted with some of the most popular myths related to sunglasses.

Dark lenses are more reliable

Surely, you have heard the saying that if sunglasses have dark, and in particular – black, lenses, then you can rely on a higher protection from them. This is just one more myth which is not true at all.

The colour of the lenses is in no way a sign of the level of UV protection they offer. Next time when you hesitate among beautiful sunglasses with yellow, blue or grey lenses, remember the rule that their level of protection is not related to their colour.

Sunglasses should be worn all the time

The lack of sufficient sunlight often turns out to be the reason for headaches, fatigue and stress.

Of course, this does not mean that you should stay on the sea beach without the favourite pair of sun protection for the skin and the eyes. But, at times when the sun is not so strong, scientists recommend that you put the sunglasses in the bag at least for a while.

Is it possible that sunglasses spoil the eyes?

Sunburns of the skin are for sure well known to everybody. The skin in the zone around the eyes, including the one of the eyelids is very thin. The constant narrowing of the eyes may result in the appearance of fine lines in this area. Is it possible that the eyes are affected, too?

Yes, the eyes are susceptible to sunlight. Therefore, it is mandatory that you choose sunglasses with UV.

The colour of the eyes also has an important role. It has been proven that people with light eyes should be more careful with the sun protection of skin and eyes.

UV protection of sunglasses

Do you know which is the UV protection considered high when it refers to sunglasses? If you see a model whose label says that they have a UV protection but there is no indication as to how high it is, you’d better choose another model. UV 400 protection is considered the one you can rely on.

As you already believe, sunglasses have to be a part of your everyday life in order to protect your eyes from strong sunrays. The choice of colour of the lenses depends fully on you if you rely on the correct and mostly – the high UV protection. Do not neglect the quality of the lenses because it is exactly on it that the high-quality protection of the eyes depends.

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