The choice of sunglasses according to the face shape – detailed manual

The variety of accessories gives each lady the chance to emphasize her beautiful vision. The same rule is also valid for sunglasses which are becoming a constant part of each toilet, anywhere and at any time.
Have you noticed that the shape and the models of sunglasses keep changing all the time? Maybe, you would like to try the choice the most fashionable frames with the most interesting vision? But, do they match the shape of your face? We from will tell you how to choose the best sunglasses according to the face shape.

Determine the face shape

The face shapes are of crucial importance in the course of choosing sunglasses. Basically, they are divided into 4 types – oval, square, heart-shaped and round.

• Oval face – high cheekbones, wide forehead and a chin which is narrower that the outline of the forehead.

• Square face – prominent lower jaw, straight lines and wide forehead.

• Heart-shaped face – wide forehead, sharpened narrow chin, high cheekbones.

• Round face – round chin, chubby cheeks, face of equal width.

Oval shape

If your face is of oval shape, then you can consider yourself lucky in terms of sunglasses because most models are suitable for you. You may choose to use the cat-eye sunglasses fashionable this season, the classical shape of the “wayfarer” sunglasses or the round glasses.
The only factor you have to take into consideration is the size of the glasses themselves. If your face is small, then you would better stay away from thick frames and from those which are very wide. The main rule says that the size of sunglasses should correspond to the width of your face and not to be larger in any case.

Square shape

The square shape of the face also allows various combinations and the combination of oval-shaped frames with a face of square shape is considered extremely suitable.
The prominent lines of the face may be softened if you choose glasses with rounded angles. The size matters again and for the square face, there is the rule that the wider the face, the wider the glasses should be. The thin metal frames are not only fashionable but also an excellent choice for the ladies with square shape of the face.

Heart-shaped form

The heart-shaped face form matches in a very beautiful manner the aviator-type glasses. In contrast to ladies with a square shape of the face, you are recommended to choose glasses which resemble the face shape but not ones that contrast it. The aviator model imitates the shape of heart.
If the face is small and delicate, the thin frames are mandatory. And vice versa – if the face is large, you can choose wider frames.

Oval shape

The square and angular models are exactly for the ladies with a round face. The clearly expressed lines of the models of sunglasses of square shape and “wayfarer” models balance the rounded face shapes. The secret is that the glasses of square shape make cheeks and cheekbones more prominent which means that the outline of the face is emphasized.
Avoid sunglasses of round shape because the face will look more round.

Of course, sunglasses are used for protection from sunrays but we can always break this statement choosing beautiful models of good quality. Selecting the model according to the face shape, you will surely achieve maximum protection from the sun, and a beautiful vision which underlines the beautiful shape of your face.

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