Top 5 sunglasses trends for 2016

Big or small, round or square – sunglasses are a part of our daily look. And although their main purpose is to protect our eyes from the strong sunlight, they are equally loved because of the way they complete our look.
So, which are the top sunglasses for 2016? Tezzero is here to give you the answer.
We have only one word – GLAMOROUS. This is how the eyewear of 2016 looks like and it seems that this trend has already overtaken the world.
But how can the meaning of glamorous be transformed onto sunglasses?
Colorful lenses
You’re tired of seeing only black lenses everywhere? Well, this year you will have the chance to choose from multiple options – yellow, blue, purple or orange – the choice is yours. Or maybe you want your sunnies to hide your face from the world? You can easily go for reflective lenses.

Round and Cat eye combined
If you’ve always wanted to wear round glasses but you love the way the Cat shaped look on you, now is the perfect moment to combine your desire. This year you can have both. The cat eye tops are in different color, which makes this type of eyewear a true hit of the season.

Aviators are again the right choice
You know them well – aviator shaped lenses, with really thin metal frames. But in 2016 you can have them with a wider frame that combines at least two different colors. Looks like this year it’s all about colors.

Big, bigger… oversized
They’re still here and they’re still one of people’s favorites. The bigger you can find the better. Don’t be shocked from the size of the oversized sunglasses, as they must be part of your collection. The shape doesn’t matter, we are talking about the size!

Plastic frames
You might think that when it comes to frames the most important thing about them is to be made from some kind of metal. Well, this rule does not apply in 2016, when plastic frames can be seen everywhere. Animal prints, and most of all leopard prints, make the sunglasses appear even more elegant and classy.

Now, when you know the most popular fashion trends for sunglasses in 2016, it’s time to refresh you collection. In you’ll find the right eyewear for you!



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