Terms and conditions of use

FOR USE OF “Tezzero”

These GENERAL TERMS regulate the relations between Tezzero AD hereinafter referred “Tezzero” on one side and the Users of Internet pages and services located on domain tezzero.com (hereinafter referred Users) on the other.

Tezzero AD is a company registered under the Commercial Act of Republic of Bulgaria with UIC 204001030, with seat and registered address: Sofia, post code 1632, Ovcha kupel Region, Ovcha Kupel 2 Residential Complex, block 12A, entrance Б, floor 1, apt 15, e-mail address:   mail@tezzero.com, phone: 00359 893 611 855.

Tezzero AD is registered as administrator of personal data and holds Certificate of Personal Data Administrator No. 422181

Tezerro AD holds the exclusive rights for Europe for production, trade and distribution of the products with the logo of the trade mark “Tezzero”, registered with international patent No 11924526/0404.
Please read the published complete General Terms before using the information and commercial services offered by the site tezzero.com (referred in short Services). By visualization of tezzero.com each user automatically is obliged to observe the terms described below.  

This document contains information about the activity of “Tezzero” and the general terms for use of the services provided by “Tezzero” which regulate the relations between us and each one of the users.  

The adoption of the General Terms constitutes a necessary and compulsory condition for registration or single purchase of each User and for conclusion of the contract between him and “Tezzero”. By clicking the virtual button “I have read and agree with the terms” it is considered that you have been acquainted with the General Terms and that you are obliged to observe them.

Art.1    The Services provided by “Tezzero” to the User represent services of informational society in the meaning of the Law on Electronic Commerce.

Art.2    Tezzero  AD is owner of electronic shop accessible on  tezzero.com, through which the Users have the possibility to conclude contracts for purchase-sale and delivery of the goods provided by Tezzero.

Art.3 (1)    “Tezzero” identifies the Users of the site be means of storage of log-files on the server of tezzero.com and at the IP address of the User.
(2)    “Tezzero” has the right to collect and use information about the Users. The information by which means the person could be identified could contain name, surname, address, phone number as well as any other information, which the person provides voluntarily wile using the services provided by “Tezzero”. He information covers any other data which the User enters, uses or provides while using the services provided by “Tezzero”.    

Art.4 (1)     “Tezzero” exercises due care and is responsible for protection of the information about the User, which became known to him in connection with the refistration - subject of these General Terms except in force majeure events, accidental events or in case of malicious acts of third parties.
  (2)     In the registration form filled in by the User while registering “Tezzero” points out the compulsory or voluntary character of data provision and the consequences of refusal of their provision. By expressing agreement with these General Terms the User agrees the information about him to be processed in the manner provided in them.
(3)    The limitations under art.1 are not applicable in the event “Tezzero” is obliged to provide the personal data of the User to the respective state authorities according to the effective legislation.

Art.5 (1)     “Tezzero” collects and uses the information under art.5 for the purposes set in these General Terms as well as for the offer of new goods and/or services to the User (free or paid). The stated purposes for which the information is used have not been listed in detail and do not create obligations for “Tezzero”.
(2)     By adopting these General Terms the User agrees with processing of his personal data for the purposes of this contract and for direct marketing.

Art.6 (1)     The User could register by filling in the respective electronic registration form accessible in real time (on-line) on the Internet site of “Tezzero”, to express agreement with these General terms and to declare that he is competent.
(2)    By means of the virtual button “I have read and agree with the General Terms” with the power of written confirmation of the General Terms the User makes and electronic statement in the meaning of the Law on Digital Document and Digital Signature bu which he declares that he is acquainted with these General Terms, that he adopts them and is obliged to observe them. By its recording on respective carrier on the server of “Tezzerro” be means of generally accepted standard for technical conversion making possible its reproduction, the electronic statement acquires the quality of digital document in the meaning of the stated law. “Tezzero” could store in log-files on its server the IP address of the User as well as any other information necessary for his identification and reproduction of his electronic statement for adoption of the General Terms in the event of occurrence of legal dispute. The text of these General Terms is accessible on the Internet site of “Tezzero” in a manner which allows its storage and reproduction.
(3)     While filing in the application for registration the User is obliged to provide complete and true data regarding his identity (for the individuals), legal status (for the legal persons) and the other data required in the electronic form of “Tezzero” as well as to update them within 7 (seven) days from their change. The User declares that he agrees to provide the personal data such required and at the same time to guarantee that the data which he provides are true, complete and correct and that in the event of change he will update them in due time. In the event of provision of false data “Tezzerro” has the right immediately and without notice to terminate the provision of services as well as the maintaining of the registration of the User.

Art.7 (1)    At registration the User creates an unique user name and password for accession of the services available by means of the website of “Tezzerro”.
(2)     The user name by which the User registers does not grant him any other rights besides the right to use the concrete user name within the scope of eStore of “Tezzero”.
(3) The individual registering in his capacity of representative of a legal person is obliged to enter his full name and address, respectively the name of the legal person he represents. By adopting the General Terms he guarantees and confirms that he has contractual relations with the registered by him company-user. By entering of incorrect or misleading information the party deprives itself from the right of access to the services on the website of “Tezzero”.
(4)     The User is obliged to execute all care and to undertake all necessary measures reasonably needed for protection of the password as well as not to make it available to third persons and to notify “Tezzero” in the event of unauthorized access as well as in the event of possibility or doubt for such. He is responsible and bears the risk for protection of his password as well as for all actions performed by him or by third person by using his password.  

Art.8 (1)     The User has the right of online access to the services provided by means of the site of “Tezzero” by observing the terms and requirements for access set by “Tezzero”. In order to use the services the User should enter his user name and password.  
(2)     The User has the right of access and correction in regime online of his personal data provided during registration.
Art.9 (1)     The Users use the interface of the website of “Tezzero” to conclude purchase0sale contracts for goods provided by “Tezzero” in the eStore.  
(2)     The purchase-sale contract for goods is considered as concluded from the moment of its order by the User though the website of “Tezzero”.

Art.10 (1)     In view to place an order the User has to select one or more goods offered on the website of “Tezzero” and to add them in his list for goods for purchase (“basket”, “cart”).
(2)    It is necessary the User to provide data for delivery and to select way and time of payment of the price after which he has to confirm his order though the interface of the eStore.
(3)    While making the order the User receives an e-mail confirmation that his order has been accepted.

Art.11 (1)    The prices of the goods offered in the online store are the listed ones on the website of “Tezzero” as of the moment of the order except in the event of obvious error.
(2)     The prices of the goods are listed in the currency shown on the website of “Tezzero” and include VAT on the occasions its charging is provided. The goods are invoiced exclusively and only in the currency shown on the website of “Tezzero”.
(3)    Invoices are issued only in the name of the person who has placed the order.

Art.12     “Tezzero” reserves the right to change at any time and without notification the prices of the goods offered in the eStore and such changes will not affect orders already placed.

Art.13 (1)    “Tezzero” could provide discounts for the goods offered in the online store. The rules applicable for such discounts are available at the spot where the discount is shown. Discounts could be provided in different forms (for example: promotions, loyalty rebates, provided individually, randomly or in result of participation in competition or customers review).
(2)     The different types of discounts could not be combined in an order and purchase of one and the same product.

Art.14     When the User returns a product with the right of refund due to any reason the price subject to refund is reduced by the amount of the received discount applied to the product and only the actually paid amount is due for refund.

Art.15 (1)     The User could pay the price of the ordered goods by using at his choice one of the options listed on the website.
     (2)     If the User selects the option for delivery by courier and cash payment he should pay the price of the ordered products along with the rice of the courier service at receipt of the products.

Art.16     If the User select payment way including a third party - supplier of payment services the User could be bound by the provisions and terms and/or charges of such a third party.

Art.17    “Tezzero” is not liable if a method of payment which included a third party - supplier of payment services is not available or in any other manner does not functions because of reasons which could not input guilt of “Tezzero”.
Art.18 (1)    The delivery of the ordered goods is executed by courier to office for delivery or address for delivery provided by the User. The delivery is for the account of the User except otherwise stated on www.tezzero.com.
     (2)     Before sending the ordered goods “Tezzero” has to right to contact the User at the stated by him phone number with the purpose of specifying details of the order and/or delivery.
    (3)     “Tezzero” is not liable for non execution of the orders in the events in which the User has stated incorrect, incomplete or fictitious address of phone number.
    (4) In case that on behalf of “Tezzero” a technical error has been made during execution of the order and the assignment of the delivery the price of the delivery and for the return of the goods ate for the account of  “Tezzero”.

Art.19    The delivery is carried out within the terms set below each delivery option in the interface module for delivery. In unexpected circumstances “Tezzero” reserves the right to extend the delivery term and to timely notify the User of this.

Art.20 (1)    The ordered goods are delivered against signature and the larger shipments (at the discretion of the courier) are delivered at the entrance of the building.
(2)    The User is obliged to examine the goods at the moment of delivery and to notify immediately the courier in case of established discrepancies, shortages or damages. If the User does not make this it is considered that the delivery has been accepted without objections.

Art.21 (1) In case of impossibility or difficulties for handing over personally to the recipient the parcels are handed over as follows:
а) for office address - to a person with workplace at the address by filling in the name of the person who has received the parcel;
b) for home address - to a family member by filling in the name of the person who has received the parcel.
(2) In case of impossibility the parcel to be handed over through no fault of “Tezzero” or the courier, the person who makes the delivery calls the phone number stated by the User in order the name of the courier’s  office where the User could receive his parcel should be specified.  
(3) In the event of impossibility the User to be contacted the distant sale contract is automatically terminated and “Tezzero” is exempt from delivery of the ordered goods.

Art. 22    “Tezzero” reserves the right to change the available methods of delivery and payment and/or theis terms at any time by publishing of the existing methods for delivery and payment on the website without any other notification.  

Art.23 (1) The User has the right to refuse the contract without stating reasons for that and without owing any compensation or default payments within 14 days from the date of acceptance of the goods by the User or by a third person.
(2) In order to execute his right under this article the User should notify “Tezzero” in writing of his decision to refuse the contract by individualization of the goods which he wishes to return by means of provision of all data for the order and for delivery, data of the person, who has made the delivery, data of the person, who has accepted the delivery and date of delivery.
(3)    The User is obliged to return the goods for his account by handing them to “Tezzero” or to a person authorized by the latter within 14 days for the date on which the User has execute the right of refusal of the contract.
(4) In case the User does not carry out his obligations under the previous paragraph without notifying “Tezzero” for the delay and without providing a good cause for this it is considered that he has withdrawn his statement for execution of refusal of the contract.

Art.24 (1) The User does not have the right to refuse the contract in case the subject of it are: products, produced according to individual specifications or obviously custom made; products which could worsen their quality or products with shorter expiry date; for newspapers, periodicals or magazines, including imported and foreign language magazines; products which could not be returned because of reasons related to human health and which have been unpacked after the delivery; sealed audio and video recordings or sealed computer software which have been unsealed after the delivery.  
(2) In case that at receipt of the returned goods it is established that the same are with unsealed factory packaging (refers to products which could not be returned due to reasons related to human health and for sealed audio and video recordings or sealed computer software) “Tezzero” is not obliged to refund the paid price to the User.  
(3)    In case that at receipt of the returned goods it is established that the same have been used in any manner, that the their tag and/or packing has been impaired or damaged “Tezzero” is not obliged to refund the paid price to the User.   

Art.25    “Tezzero” refunds to the User the price paid by him for the returned goods to a bank account provided by the User, by returned cash or in any other suitable manner expressed for this by the User within 14 days of the receipt of the returned goods.

Art.26    In case the User establishes obvious discrepancy of the goods with the sale contract he has the complete rights to lodge a claim according to the provisions of the Law on Consumer Protection.

Art.27    “Tezzero” draws the attention of its users to the fact that the offered goods are mainly designer ones (does not have any medicinal or healing properties) and although they have certificates from the producer for certain standards as UV protection and quality of the used materials, they have not been produced under the direct control of “Tezzero” and that their use is solely at the discretion of the user himself. The products have been produced on order by “Tezzero” with strictly set requirements in regard to the design and durability of the materials but “Tezzero” could not guarantee the correctness of the set parameters by the producer as well as for health ailments arising during use of the offered products. In this respect “Tezzero” is not liable for any damages, pecuniary or non-pecuniary damages arising for the user or for a third person during the exploitation of the purchased goods.
“Tezzero” stresses out that each use of the purchased goods from us in a wrong way or in a manner different from the stated one represents a potential danger for the user and it is possible to cause injuries and negative effects to him.
Art.28    “Tezzero” has the right at its discretion without notification to terminate the contract unilaterally in case it establishes that the provided goods and services are used in violation of these General Terms, the legislation and the generally accepted ethical norms.

Art.29 (1)    The intellectual property rights on all materials and resources located on the website of  “Tezzero” (inclusive of the existing data bases, pictures, video and texts) are subject of protection under the Law on Copyright and Related Rights, are owned by “Tezzero” or by the respectively stated person, who has assigned the right of use to “Tezzero” and could not be used in violation of the legislation in force.
(2)     The right of access of the User does not include the right of use, copying or reproducing information representing an object of intellectual property except if it relates to a insignificant amount of information intended for personal use on condition that the legal interests of the authors or other holders of intellectual property rights are not infringed and in case that the copying or reproducing is not made with commercial purpose.
(3) In the event of copying or reproducing of information beyond the permissible according to the previous paragraph as well as in the event of any other infringement of the intellectual property rights on the resources of “Tezzero” the latter has the right to claim compensation for caused pecuniary and non-pecuniary damages, directly or indirectly caused by the infringement made by the User.
(4)    The User is obliged while using the provided access to the services offered by “Tezzero”: to observe the legislation, these General Terms, Internet ethics, rules of morality and decency; not to impair the reputation of others and not to call for a violent change of constitutionally established order, for commitment of crime, for personal violence or for incitement of racial, national, ethnic or religious hatred, not to preach fascist or other antidemocratic ideology, not to violate the materials or immaterial rights of others, intellectual property rights included; to promptly notify “Tezzero” of each case of carried or established infringement; not to interfere in the correct functioning of the system, included but not limited to not to frustrate the procedure for identification of other User, not to establish access beside the provided one, not to prejudice or hinder the availability, reliability or quality of the provided access as well as not using it in a manner resulting in refusal in its use; not to extract by technical means or in technical manner information resources or parts of information resources belonging to databases located on the website of “Tezzero” and thus to create own database or in other way to mislead third persons regarding the his identity or his membership to a certain group of people; not to carry out   malicious actions in the meaning of these General Terms.
(5) Except where expressly stated the User could not reproduce, amend, delete, publish, distribute and disclose in other manner the informational resources published on the website of “Tezzero”.

Art. 30 (1)    “Tezzero” has the right to deactivate or delete the user name and password of an User in case the latter infringes intellectual property right of “Tezzero” on the elements - object of intellectual property, contained on its website.
(2) “Tezzero” reserves the right to suspend the right of access to the provided services after sending a notification in the user’s profile of the User. “Tezzero” has the right but not the obligation at its discretion to delete the informational resources and materials published on its site.

Art. 31 (1) Except as provided in these General Terms the contract between the parties is terminated also in the event of discontinuing operations of “Tezzero” or in case of termination of maintenance of its website.
(2) The User has the right at any time at his discretion to cease the use of the services provided by “Tezzero”.
(3)    At termination of the contract “Tezzero” deactivates the user’s profile and deletes the password for access to it.  

Art.32    Aside from the events stated above each one of the parties could break this contract by sending a one-week notice to the other party in case of non-fulfillment of the contractual obligations.

Art.33    The written form of the contract is considered observed by sending a message by e-mail, by pressing the electronic button on the page with contents which is being filled in or being selected by the User or being marked in field (check box) on the website and other similar as far as the statement is technically written in a manner which provides the possibility of reproduction.

Art.34    The parties declare that in the event one of the clauses under these General Terms is found to be invalid this will not lead to invalidity of the complete contract or any other parts of it. The invalid clause will be substituted by the mandatory forms of law or the established practice.  

Art.35 The provisions of the effective legislation by place of registration of the trader will be applied to all outstanding matters.



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